Sponsoring of Trees in the Tree 4U Initiative'
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Sponsoring of Trees in the Tree 4U Initiative'

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Tree 4U is an initiative that is managed by the Ambjent Malta Department, within the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning. The scope of this initiative is to increase the plant biodiversity of our islands through the sponsorship of trees and shrubs by members of the public, organised groups, as well as private and public entities. 
Anyone who wishes to sponsor trees and shrubs within the framework of this initiative may apply via the following link:

The cost of sponsoring a tree or shrub is 12 Euro. This covers the cost of the plant as well as planting and watering. The tree and shrub species that may be sponsored are native to the Maltese Islands and are planted within areas that are managed and maintained by Ambjent Malta or else in areas that are managed via an agreement between Ambjent Malta and another public entity (such as an NGO or a school). Sponsors may also request a commemorative aluminium tag or plaque to be placed on the tree/shrub at an extra cost. 
Planting is carried out by Ambjent Malta between October and March and the plant species are selected by Ambjent Malta in accordance with the environmental conditions of the area that is to be planted. 
The sizes of the plants that are sponsored depends on the plant species that is selected by Ambjent Malta. Height may vary between 20cm to 1m.

Sponsors are informed of the date and time of planting in case they wish to be present during the planting of their sponsored plants. Nonetheless, all sponsors are provided with a soft copy of photos of their sponsored trees. These may be downloaded through the link that is provided by Ambjent Malta and printed at the sponsor’s own convenience. Sponsors who are unable to download their photos through the link, may request a printed copy by post.