Malta Embellishment and Landscaping Project (MELP)
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Malta Embellishment and Landscaping Project (MELP)

The Malta and Embellishment Landscaping Projects was set up in 2002 and is responsible for monitoring the works carried out by the Environmental and Landscaping Consortium Ltd. (ELC) as part of the Public Private Partnership signed between ELC and the Government of Malta. 

The main responsibilities of MELP include: 

  • Monitoring of the condition of sites assigned to ELC, including landscaping and maintenance of public gardens, roundabouts, side verges and central strips mainly on arterial and secondary roads, as stipulated by the contract;
  • Vetting and approving of new designs of soft and hard landscaping areas in the above-mentioned areas;
  • Handling bookings for activities organised in public gardens managed by ELC;
  • Mapping of embellished sites in Malta and Gozo; including areas and type of planted shrubs and trees, and;
  • Coordinating landscaping works with other Governmental entities such as Transport Malta and Infrastructure Malta.
  • Liaising with residents, local councils and other stakeholders to address any issues related to the embellished parcels.

 Any queries may be directed by email to​