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 Ambjent Malta background

Setup in 2018 Ambjent Malta Department (AM) is responsible for the preservation and enhancement of Malta’s natural capital and biodiversity in rural, urban, coastal and marine landscapes. AM is responsible for implementing green infrastructure projects and habitat restoration measures for maintaining and restoring natural areas and protected sites, including zones forming part of the Natura 2000 network. 

Since its inception, together with other public entities and non-governmental organisations with a vested interested in Malta’s natural capital, AM implemented numerous environmental projects including installation of green walls in urban areas, removal of invasive and non-native plants, planting of over 60,000 indigenous species all over the Islands, landscaping projects, and management of protected areas. 
AM is also implementing schemes to increase Malta’s tree cover and promote environmental awareness including the 34U sponsorship scheme and planting of an indigenous tree or shrub for every birth. 
Ambjent Malta raison d'être
  • Protect and enhance Malta’s natural capital 
  • Conserve and ameliorate Malta’s biodiversity 
  • Improve ecosystem functioning and provision of services  vital for society’s well-being
  • Implement plans, policies and programmes of the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) 
  • Manage protected areas including terrestrial  and marine  ​Natura 2000 sites
  • Provide green recreational facilities to the general public
  • Disseminate environmental awareness

What is natural capital, biodiversity, and ecosystem services?

Natural Capital

All the natural assets that make up the Maltese Islands including its abiotic (non-living) features such as geology, soil, air, water and biotic (living) such as flora and fauna


Biological diversity referring to the variety of living things at all its levels, including genes and ecosystems, encompassing the evolutionary, ecological and cultural processes that sustain life on Earth

Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem services are any benefits that wildlife or ecosystems provide to humans. The Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (2005) identified four major categories: provisioning; regulating; cultural and supporting services